Finishing Nails for Carpentry: Paneling, Molding and Interior Finishing and Decoration of Wooden Furnitures

Finishing nails are popularly used for interior construction of buildings (walls, roofs, etc), and wooden furnitures finishing uses. Why?

Three reasons to choose finishing nails:
1. Special Design.The finishing nails are also called brad nails, or headless nails, because the nail heads are almost invisible to the eyes. Finishing nails have small heads and smaller diameters compared with common nails. The nails have barrel-shaped heads with a dimple on top. Once the nail has been driven almost flush with the surface, the point of a nail set is placed in the dimple and the head driven below the surface. This design allows finishing nails fully driven into the surface and much farther compared with a larger nail. Such a size and shape also help the finishing nail to remain unseen in the final project.
2. Easy to cover the nails and maintain the beautiful interior surface of the construction and the furniture. With its small head and diameter, the finishing nail is much tinier and easier to hide than a larger nail. When driving a finish nail, stop when the nail head is about 1/8 inch above the surface. Then place a nail set into the finish nail's small indentation in the head and drive the nail under the surface.
3. Can be treated with decorative plating and add aesthetic feeling in manufacturing and carpentry works.


Collated Steel Finishing Nails, for Furniture and Wooden Casing

Small head brad nails are great for finishing jobs because they can be fully driven into the surface and painted over. Supplied in collated form for nailing gun uses.

Wire Gauge:16
Type:T Series Nails
Thickness*width: 0.064"*0.053"
Nail Length: 1", all sizes of T series nails are available
Material: Galvanized steel wire
Colors: copper, gal, golden, red
Used for furniture installment, etc.
Size: T10 T20 T15 T20 T25 T35 T40 T50

Interior Surface Decoration and Finishing Nails

Upholstery Finishing Nails, decorative nails brass plated for furnitures, Cabinets interior construction

Finishing nails are often used in the construction of wooden paneling, especially useful for small projects, such as wooden jewelry boxes.

Brad Nails for Furniture Decoration

Pneumatic Strip Brad Nails are mainly used in decoration industry or used in nailing plywood, wood slice, strong wood slice or plank. Light type brad nail is mainly used in decorative industry for nailing plywood, wood slice, in furniture industry for common nailing.

1, Standard Size: F10,F15,F20
2, Surface: Yellow/Blue and White/Black zinc plated
3, Package:100pcs/rank,5000pcs/box
4, Material: Steel
5, Length: 10mm 15mm 20mm
6, Thickness: 0.65-0.85

Strip Collated Wood Plank Fastening Finishing Nails