Copper Coated Steel Clout Nails and Brad Nails Used as Furniture Nails


Steel wire nails and screws plated with copper, brass or bronze are mainly used for furniture framing and construction uses. The colored coating has a decorative effect as well as protective effect for the iron nails. Two major types of furniture nails are clout screw nails and brad nails.

Screw Clout Nails for Construction

Nail length:1''--9''

Nail diameter:1.0mm --5.0mm

Screw Shanks: Plain, round
Points: Diamond point, round point
Head: Common head, countersunk head, lose head ,flat countersunk chequerred head
Usage:Mainly for Industry,building construction,wooden cases & furniture etc.

Big Cap Screw Nails for Roofing Construction

Copper Coated Steel Furniture Screw Nails

Nail Materials: Iron, carbon steel, stainless steel

Head type: Flat, round flat, oval, headless

Shank type: smooth, spiral, Annular, grooved

Surface treatment: Plain, galvanized, black, Copper, brass, phosphorate bronzed

Head diameter: 3/16"~1/2 inch

Shank diameter:1.5mm~6.35mm

Length: 3/8"~7"

Yellow Color Coated Steel Framing Nails

Brass Plated Headless Finishing Nails