Zinc Plated Steel Ring Shank Wire Nails Collated Coils for Crating and Pallet Siding Uses Operated with Nail Guns


Steel Wire Collated Screw Shank Nails make ideal fasteners for crating, pallet siding, and permanent construction. Ring shank or screw shank nails are also called twisted nails, threaded or deformed shank nails. The ridges or grooves along the shank increase the part that the nails penetrate into the wood. This twisted shank design enables a much better holding power of these nails than smooth shank nails, because the rings act as wedges to keep the nail firmly in place so that it cannot pop out. Collated coils forms of the nails allow the operator to hold more nails in the gun and reduce reload time. The nails come in all forms of vinyl coated and galvanized finish, as well as deformed shanks with varying holding power such as smooth, screw and ring.

For above reasons, the coiled nails with twisted shanks are commonly used in crating and roof construction. Ring shank nails are designed for permanent construction. We supply collated ring shank screw nails with nail guns together.

Ring Shank Wire Nails for Pallet Siding and Roofing Construction


Clavos can supply a wide range of wire coil thread rolling nails, ranges from .083'' to .131'' wire diameter with lengths from 1-1/4'' to 3-1/2''. The design of a ring shank nail looks a lot like that of a screw, except that the head is flat. The pattern of ridges along the shank of the nail can vary. Clavos can supply very shallow rings, large rings, spiral grooves.

General Technical Information:


Twisted Ring Shank Nail/Thread Rolling Nails   


Q195 Q235 iron wire rod or according to request.


Flat Round Head


Electro Galvanized,Polished,Yellow,Black


 Twisted shank 


Diamond point


in box, carton, case, plastic bags, etc.


9BWG X 1-1/2'', 2'', 2-1/2'' ,3''                  10BWGX1-1/2'',2'',2-1/2'',3''
11BWGX2'',2-1/2'',3''               12BWG X2''               13BWGX1.5",2"


Specifications of Twisted Ring Shank Nails: 

Ring Shank Nails /Thread Rolling Nails   
 Specification Diameter(MM)   Head Diameter(MM)
  8G*2.0” 4.19MM  20MM 
  8G*2.5” 4.19MM 20MM 
  8G*3.0” 4.19MM 20MM
  9G*1.5” 3.85MM  20MM 
  9G*2.0” 3.85MM  20MM
  9G*2.5” 3.85MM  20MM 
   9G*3.0”  3.85MM  20MM
10G*2.0” 3.4MM  20MM
10G*2.5”  3.4MM   20MM 
10G*3.0”  3.4MM  20MM 
11G*1.5”  3.15MM  18MM 
  11G*2.0”  3.15MM  18MM
  11G*2.5”  3.15MM  18MM 

Popular Types:

Bright Polished Ring Shank Steel Nails

Shank diameter: BWG4-14
Four Finishes available: Polished, EG (electro galvanized), HDG, black
Features: The grooved ring shanks make these nails even harder to remove than conventional ones.